Sport facilities

Dynamics of development and interests arisen by sport and any kind of physical activity are the determinant of changes, also technological ones, which can be observed in the SPORT sector. To reach the biggest possible audience, it is necessary to apply the most state-of-the-art means of visual transmission. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine that sport competitions could take place without the support of advanced multimedia technologies. Comprehensive audiovisual systems and integrated teletechnical systems are inherent elements of pitches, stadiums, sport halls, or tennis courts. According to worldwide trends at sport facilities, the following technologies prove to be working perfectly: multi-dimension screens, LED bands, sound and picture management systems. This is a great idea to make sport events more attractive but also to acquire profitable sponsor and advertising contracts.

What do you gain?

A rich offer of services in respect of designing, supply, and integration of complete audiovisual systems allows to attain special effects. Our systems are a response to the needs of administrators of and co-workers at sport facilities, as well as expectations of Guests. Apart from audiovisual systems which provide high quality of events' reception, our offer has also solutions which aim at providing the highest possible safety standards. Entrance control systems or the CCTV solutions provide effective Customer service and safeguarding of events organised. Currently, sport facilities apart from their original function have become also conference centres and places focusing many service spots. Integration of all systems and access control to specific zones can become key to provide safety during mass events. Apart from solutions which for a potential user are an integral part of the structure, we offer also solutions allowing to create a unique illumination of the facility's structure. The game of lights or application of a multimedia projection make facades of facilities to perform additional functions by becoming the next large-size multimedia carrier.

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