Kino za Rogiem [Cinema around the corner]


"Kino za Rogiem" is an undertaking performed within the project connected with establishing a cooperation link "Mazowiecki Klaster - Małe Kina Społecznościowe" co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund of the Regional Operational Programme for the Mazowieckie Province 2007-2013 and from state budget funds (Contract no. RPMA.01.06.00-14-016/12-00).

Under the contract, TRIAS AVI responded to the sale, delivery, and assembly of cinema sets necessary to initiate test centres in 20 facilities, as well as verification, preparation, adjusting, and launching of the research and development infrastructure in individual facilities.

Each of the 20 sets were collected according to individual requirements of the facility and adjusted to recreate the HD content and pictures in high resolution and to provide proper brightness of the picture for individual premises.

"Kino za Rogiem" builds the new philosophy of a cinema. It refers to a longing for an intimate atmosphere of the cinema which is cheap in handling and maintenance, at the same time satisfying high technical standards and social availability. The aim of the project shall be social integration and re-integration through educational and entertainment programme adjusted to recipient's requirements irrespective of age and social status.

Cinemas being erected, keeping the most important advantages of commercial chain cinemas, in particular high quality of the picture and sound, at the same time without limitations in the form of a ready-made repertoires, lack of access of many titles and short period of theatrical exploitation following which a film is cancelled irrecoverably.

TRIAS AVI provided the required projection equipment and sound systems, as well as state-of-the-art screens allowing to conduct film shows in HD quality in 20 facilities of "Kino za Rogiem" located in: Łosice, Starachówska, Przasnysz, Kobyłka, Tarczyn, Solec nad Wisłą, Tłuszcz, Szreńsk, Bielsk, Grbatka, Izabelin, Rzeczniów, Teresin, Raciąż, Płock, Strzegów, Kadzidło, Kałuszyn, and at Bracka street in Warsaw.

Performance by TRIAS:
Project Manager: Tomasz Szulejewski