Katyń Museum - author's supervision


Construction works performed within the scope of the new seat of Katyń Museum are now at their final stage.

TRIAS participated in developing the implementation documentation for the exposition project of the Katyń Museum. The team developing a detailed documentation  composed of: Mr Jerzy Kalina - Chief Designer of Artistic Narration, Plasma Projekt S.C.J. Derwisz, A. Kozak, PNW Jacek Sapieja, and Mark2 Marek Masalski.

Since 2010, for almost 5 years, the first museum and didactic facility is being erected across the Warsaw Citadel, aiming at presenting the history of Katyń Crimes. The concept being carried out in a creative manner fulfils script assumptions, allowing to fully perform the museum's mission. Each element of the exhibition has been well thought through and designed according to an exceptional historic and martyrdom specifics of the museum's type.

The museum's task is to present the Katyń Crime using "specific" material monumental and numerous documents that can be found in Museum's permanent exhibition. Katyń Museum, being the only one in the group of national museums, through a permanent display, in its educational work it tries to perform the programme which is supplementary to the history education of the society, including in particular the young generation, and to shape patriotic attitudes depicting any and all aspects of Poles’ experiences in the East after 17 September 1939.