More than 1,600 square meters of space, more than 130, mostly interactive exhibits, a unique design and a coherent narrative – all this means that in the first science center in the Warmian-Masurian voivodeship you can’t complain of boredom.

August 31st saw the grand opening of the University of Warmia and Mazury’s Center for Science Popularization and Innovation Kortosfera, while last weekend the facility hosted its first visitors. TRIAS AVI was responsible for creating exhibits and scenography, but also for the architectural design of the exhibition.

The leading themes of the new space are agriculture, food, diet, health, nature and human impact on the environment, issues that relate directly to UWM’s areas of scientific activity.

– Kortosfera is a unique project for many reasons. It is the first science center created within a university dedicated to agriculture and food. It is also the first science center in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, which further emphasizes the importance of this project for the region – emphasizes Marcin Wojczynski, president of TRIAS AVI. – When designing the exhibits and scenography, we focused on using natural materials, which give the interiors a unique, friendly atmosphere. The five levels allowed us to naturally divide the space into five areas, each dealing with a consistent range of topics and distinguished by unique scenography and colors.

The “Underground Kingdom” area is devoted to processes that shape the landscape and soil, types and composition of soils, organisms that live underground and underground parts of plants. “I sow, so I am” focuses on agriculture and food production – past and present, as well as the effects of agricultural activities on the environment. “Man – an Eating Being” tells the story of food, how it is prepared, its composition, effects on health and digestion. The exhibits show the structure and function of the various parts of the digestive system, nutrients, various diets and the consequences of healthy and unhealthy eating and lifestyles. The “How to Feed the Future?” area addresses the environmental costs associated with food production and possible solutions to the key challenges of agriculture of the future. And “Young Space Explorers” is a safe exhibition and workshop space for children aged 2-6. The interactive exhibits provided and activities conducted here primarily present astronomy, astronautics, technology and basic physical phenomena.

Kortosfera is not just a science center, it is a space that inspires, delights and teaches. We invite you to visit this facility and see how unique the combination of science, innovation and nature can be.