By relying on multimedia, we bring science closer

The times of blackboards and chalk are irreversibly a thing of the past. We now live in the era of wireless transfers, 3D technology, multi-touch and interactivity. The handling of such innovative solutions requires that the individual devices operating based on an integrated, central controller and dedicated software be fully compatible.

What benefits can you enjoy?

The use of innovative content presentation solutions not only simplifies the process of teaching, but also facilitates everyday operation of administrative bodies.
As experts in the field of challenging and complex multimedia and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) systems, we provide advice on where to generate savings concerned with maintenance of the systems, inter alia by offering specialized software for managing AV resources.
Taking into account the everyday use of the solutions and systems we provide, we also implement centralized management systems controlling the operation of multimedia and network devices. Solutions managing audiovisual resources are offered as well, enabling trained members of teaching and administration staff to effortlessly synchronize all technologies deployed.

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