Sports Facilities

Equipment for sports facilities - ecoLED

The growing interest kindled by the most important sporting events serves as an impulse for introducing and developing new technologies that enhance the suggestive character of specific marketing messages. In order to reach the largest possible group of fans during a football game or a different sporting event, an uncompromising implementation of the most pioneering visual communication solutions, such as LED screens, scoreboards or information systems, is needed. It is impossible to envision modern sporting events without the enhancement offered by multimedia technologies. Teletechnical systems and functional audiovisual installations have become an indispensable feature at swimming pools, stadiums, sports venues, golf courses or tennis courts. The equipment used as modern sports facilities relies on various relatively new technological concepts. These include, inter alia, audio and sound management systems, as well as large format digital screens. Such solutions are not only important for the fans, as they enhance the messages provided, but are also useful for athletes, coaches and sports managers who, thanks to the higher quality broadcasts, are able to conclude new and highly valuable contracts.

Advantages stemming from the application of comprehensive visualization systems

The creation of a conceptual outline, as well as the delivery and installation of innovative audiovisual systems offers numerous advantages for different groups of recipients and stakeholders. In addition to purely image-based technologies, such as scoreboards, we also offer different options designed to ensure the highest level of security for the participants of a given sporting event. The examples of such concepts include CCTV technologies and access control systems which, in addition to their obvious advantage consisting in increasing the level security, facilitate customer service as well. Stadiums and entertainment venues serve a number of various functions these days, often reaching beyond the original intended purpose of such facilities. They become conference centers with a large number of different profile service outlets. Such a gradual transformation has been reflected in the roles that the equipment of sports venues is required to play. In addition, many original solutions, such as play of lights or a truly unique illumination of the structure itself, may help transform a plain sports competition into a truly unforgettable visual spectacle.

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