About us

For the past 20 years, we have been spending each day building complex systems for our customers, using the latest in audio and video technologies. We are present at each stage of the project we are involved in. Starting from the creation process (in cooperation with the customer), to design, integration, implementation and technical support.

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How do we operate?

Creation is the first stage of the implementation process. Relying on their technical expertise, knowledge of the market, the latest technological advancements and a detailed brief from the customer, our specialists dig deep into their creative skills to come up with a tailor-made solution.

Design – we design solutions that clearly correspond with the needs of the customers, bringing them closer to achieving their objectives. By using professional tools, we are able to perform virtual simulations and to demonstrate the end result. Such an approach enables us to present the end result to the customer at the early stage of the design process.

Integration – we integrate all audio, video and lighting systems operating in a given environment. This allows us not only to optimize the functionality of a given facility, but also the operation of the entire chain of individual objects.

Implementation – we are aware that correct implementation of the system is the only way to ensure its efficient operation. Therefore, prior to commissioning a new build, we analyze various scenarios that may take place during the operational phase, and provide our customers and end users with proper training.

Technical support – new technologies require professional assistance offered by experts in the field of maintenance, service and updates. Therefore, our offer includes service, as well as warranty and post-warranty support.

Our team

We are a group of new technology geeks, multimedia and lighting designers, AV system architects and highly experienced technicians. Our designs are based on the creative application of new technologies and AV (Audio Video) solutions, therefore meeting the objectives of investors.
Synergies created by the combination of the experience of our expert team with the most innovative technologies allow us to adopt an unconventional approach to new applications.

Our technologies

The ability to combine new technologies into integrated solutions, extensive experience and technological expertise allowing us to create the technological “WOW” effect are the key elements distinguishing our team stand on the market. Our designs rely, inter alia, on the following: personalized interactive systems, LED screens available in irregular shapes and sizes, multimedia facades, marketing communication management systems (DS), and environmentally friendly systems optimizing the operation of our customers’ facilities.

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