Design of the temporary exhibition of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk “100 Years of Polish Yachting”.

The temporary exhibition was created in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Polish Yachting Association. TRIAS AVI’s Creative Department was responsible for developing the concept, detailed design and graphic materials.
“We have created a coherent and well-thought-out project, in which the scenography, the colors used, the spatial forms and the visual identification directly refer to the main themes of the exhibition, i.e. sailing and the elements associated with it. Graphic elements and typefaces resemble the typography used on real yachts, while the lines visible on the walls are a reference to hypsometric lines used in cartography. Located in the center of the exhibition, white cuboidal forms of varying heights are not only displays, but also a reference to foaming waves. While performing their primary function, they also become an integral part of the scenography. Whereas the dynamic, partially transparent structure placed on them in the shape of a yacht’s hull symbolizes the sailing adventure. It forms the heart of the exhibition, which combines the history of Polish voyages with the spirit of sailing competition. All these visual elements give the exhibition authenticity and create a unique nautical atmosphere,” explains Mateusz Morski, Creative Director at TRIAS AVI.

ClientNational Maritime Museum in GdańskYear2024

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