“Matter of Cinema” exhibit in EC1

“Matter of Cinema” is mainly an interactive, multimedia game guiding the visitor through all stages of film production – from the conception of the script to its premiere. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to learn about the amount of work behind each film.
Each stand in the exhibition features an impressive array of film excerpts, audio, images and other items that provide a better understanding of the film production process. One of the stands, dedicated to the screenwriting inspiration network, presents numerous books, newspaper articles, photographs or memoirs, showing how much diverse material and content is behind the ideas for films. All information is conveyed interactively, not only through traditional descriptions, but also through animations, video essays, diagrams, graphics and sound recordings.
Visitors are guided through a game about the making of films by a virtual assistant, who helps them progress through the game, and additionally explains difficult terms related to film production or suggests creative solutions to common problems. The exhibition scenario makes it possible to take on different roles and make a variety of films, from romantic comedies to commercial films to historical and art films.
TRIAS AVI was responsible for the fabrication, delivery and installation of all elements of the exhibition, i.e. scenery, multimedia and, most importantly, complex software, which in the form of a game, enables four models of production of cinematographic works.

Photographs: Marta Woźniak, commissioned by the National Film Culture Center in Łódź, Poland

Client National Centre for Film CultureYear2023

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