11,500-square-meter area, 140 exhibits located in seven unique thematic zones combined into a coherent narrative whole and the I-Center, an interactive sculpture in the middle of the exhibition – all of this will soon be experienced at Lithuania’s first science center. TRIAS AVI’s creative department, led by Mateusz Morski, has completed work on the comprehensive architectural design of the Science Island permanent exhibition in Kaunas.

One of the main goals guiding the project team was to present theoretical knowledge in the form of interactive exhibits that allow experimentation and experience of the covered topics. The authors of the project divided the exhibition into 7 thematic areas: human body and health, food, nature and environment, waste and pollution, energy, transportation and communication. Each area will be unique in form and content.

The science centre will also feature a special part of the exhibition dedicated to the youngest visitors (3-6 years old), tailored to their cognitive needs. Here children will experience science through play.

“Entering the design stage, we already had an complete concept, which was to the liking of representatives of the City Hall, the contracting entity. This meant that, with the support of all the specialists involved, we were able to refine our original proposals to perfection and create an architectural design that ideally matched the objectives of the investment,” explains Mateusz Morski. “I would also like to emphasize that the cooperation with the ordering entity was perfect, which had a positive impact on the creative process and the involvement of the entire team”.

Elements of the scenography of the new exhibition will refer to modernism, which occupies an important place among the main architectural motifs of Kaunas. The city’s most recognizable modernist buildings were an important inspiration. The color scheme of the exhibition will be consistent with the interior architecture of the building.

Science Island’s construction work is nearing completion. TRIAS AVI is currently creating detailed technical designs including all installation and detailed designs for individual exhibits.