Medicine - technological innovations for health

Contemporary medicine uses state-of-the-art technologies in prophylactics, diagnosing, and treatment of illnesses. It improves the hospitalisation process and focuses on educating the medical personnel. Within the medical sectors, more and more attention is brought to full integration of medical facilities and thus applied AV and data transmission systems. Remote access to medical information and documentation, as well as audio-video material archiving are a commonly applied practice both in diplomatic and in medical facilities. State-of-the-art medical facilities more and more often are equipped in advanced control systems, AV systems, and certified displays.

What do you gain?

Solutions applied by us in the medical sector are the highest quality devices satisfying the standards required in medical facilities. Systems supplied by us are conform with DICOM standards. A rich services offer in respect of designing, delivering, and integrating complete audio-visual systems allows to integrate operating rooms and exchange picture between the rooms: didactic, conference, and operating. Thanks to our solutions it making it is possible not only to integrate the systems but also to remotely configure medical displays, read and check their status, and run virtual quality management in medical facilities.

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