Education - technology in didactic units

The Cretaceous and chalk board period have long been forgotten. Now we have times of wireless transmission, 3D technologies, multi-touch, and interactive solutions. Handling this type of innovations requires full compatibility of devices which operate thanks to the integrated central control system and a dedicated software.

What do you gain?

Application of innovative solutions regarding content presentation facilitates not only running of didactic classes but also day-to-day work of administrative units. Being specialists in complex and vast multimedia and ICT systems (Information and Communication Technologies) we give tips on where to find some savings in respect of later maintenance of systems through i.e. specialist software to manage AV resources. Taking into account day-to-day work with solutions and systems delivered we implement also centralised management systems of multimedia and network devices, as well as management systems of audiovisual resources thanks to which synchronisation of all technological developments does not limit only to solutions in the field of science

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