Culture and entertainment

Museums and galleries which until recently we associated with less modern-like places, dusted with exhibits, and creaking stairs, can compete in respect of innovation with many kinds of institutions. Hence, to arise an even bigger interest of people visiting, we need to modernise the presentation system of the exhibition. Works of renown artists, painters, are no longer enough. The contemporary recipient expects state-of-the-art and interactive exhibitions which apart from their content also provide entertainment. The story has to be presented in a simple manner, best using pictures, with a possibility of touch and interactions..

What do you gain?

Apart from approved solutions regarding audiovisual systems and teletechnical systems we have in our offer a series of services which help to execute even the most difficult projects. Since the very beginning of the investment's life, we participate actively in creating a concept-related project of the exhibition, in developing the exhibition's script, and we prepare a comprehensive executive project covering interior design, exhibitions, multimedia. Solutions offered by us are a state-of-the-art technology which is based on know-how and experience. We support our business partners at each stage of the investment. We help to get co-financing, to design and execute a project, and to promote it in specialist media.

They trusted us